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We’re Kelcey & Punialava’a (Puni for short). AVA was born during the most difficult stage of our own health journeys – in the beginning. We started our health journey in March 2020 wearing clothes that were extremely uncomfortable and unsuitable for high intensity workouts. This was because of the difficulty we experienced in our own search for activewear that we could fit into comfortably and ultimately feel good in.


Although there are many activewear brands that exist today, we wanted to create a line that represented a piece of who we are as Samoans. We did this by incorporating the traditional Samoan ‘tatau’ (tattoo) designs in our logo. Having both acquired the traditional Samoan ‘tatau’, we felt that our clothes needed to have the same toughness it takes to endure such a process. The same mental & physical preparation one goes through, is similar to that of when you prepare to endure the physicality of a workout. It is our hope that when one wears AVA, they will feel the 'mana' and courage to accomplish anything. 

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